Clean hull. Clean sea.

Hull Surface Treatment logo Hull Surface Treatment (HST) is a new environmentally friendly hull cleaning treatment for removing growth from a ship's hull.

It uses no chemicals, detergents or substances which are foreign or harmful to the marine environment. The HST system utilises thermal shock to instantly kill the growth and its spores. more

Download the PUBLISHED PAPER on the effectiveness of HST on treating Sea-Chests and eliminating Bio-Security risk.

HST Developed New Bio-Security Modular Units

T&C Marine has recently developed modular containerised units for the mitigation of Bio-Security. These units can also be utilised for normal HST sterilisation of ships sides. The units consist of two DNV approved 10’ shipping containers and are completely self-contained.

They can be shipped to any location and are capable of achieving full treatments of all floating plant. This includes treatments to laminar flow areas of a hull, niche areas and sea-chests.

HST Bio-Security is the application of thermal shock through an encapsulated device delivering hot sea-water to bio-fouling attached to any underwater surface including ships, tugs, barges, off-shore installations and their niche areas....rendering a fatal shock to all bio-fouling contacted